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What is the Dan Zimpfer Memorial Scholarship program?

The Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Daniel Zimpfer, a USA National Team member and Olympic hopeful. He had been a resident at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado for a year prior to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

A shoulder injury removed him from competition. He continued to be involved in coaching and judging, but he died in a 1994 tragic accident. Dan had made a lasting impression on the gymnastics community because of his talent, his devotion to the Olympic tradition, his helpfulness to others, his leadership, and his unfailing optimism. As a result the Dan Zimpfer Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by OTC personnel, with the support of his parents.

Contributions to the Scholarship Fund are regularly received from individuals and organizations. A national – level gymnastics meet, the Colorado Open Dan Zimpfer Classic, is held each year at the Olympic Training Center. Proceeds from each meet are added to the Scholarship Fund. The intent is that the Fund should grow to the point where a substantial scholarship can be awarded each year in perpetuity.